Plugin that allows users to pick their favourite pronouns and use them with PlaceholderAPI in chats, lists, ...
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This plugin allows users to pick their own preferred pronouns, that are then passed as PlaceholderAPI arguments to use wherever you want to. The pronouns are picked from a predefined list that only administrators can modify.

The plugin depends on PlaceholderAPI.

Basic info


  • /nouns create <pronoun> <format>: add a new pronoun to the database.
  • /nouns update <pronoun> <format>: change an existing pronoun's format.
  • /nouns delete <pronoun>: delete a pronoun, and remove it from all users.
  • /nouns set <main> <secondary>: choose your two most preferred pronouns.
  • /nouns list: list all available pronouns.


  • nouns.base: the main permission for this plugin. Every user needs this, or they won't be able to use any command.

This is the only permission that is enabled by default, meaning you have to deny it if you don't want users to use the plugin.

Base permissions

  • nouns.cmd.set: allow setting personal pronouns.
  • nouns.cmd.list: allow seeing the list of pronouns.

Administrative permissions

  • nouns.cmd.create: allow creating new pronouns.
  • nouns.cmd.delete: allow deleting existing pronouns, and removing them from all users.
  • nouns.cmd.update: allow changing an existing pronoun's format.

PlaceholderAPI tags

  • nouns_main_pronoun: the user's preferred main pronoun. Blank if unset.
  • nouns_secondary_pronouns: the user's preferred secondary pronoun. Blank if unset.
  • nouns_full_tag: a nicely formatted tag that shows both pronouns.

Note: "nouns" is the PAPI module name. The tags themselves are what follow the module name.


Adding new pronouns

After installing the plugin, the first thing you need to do is add new pronouns. Use /nouns create <pronoun> <format> to add a new pronoun to the database. <pronoun> is a simple, lowercase value that users will have to type when choosing it, while <format> is how it appears in chat, when formatted (colored, capitalized, ...).

Setting pronouns

After adding enough pronouns, you can pick your most preferred ones with /nouns set <main> <secondary>. You need to pick them from the ones you added previously with the create subcommand, and you can read a complete list using /nouns list.


The plugin's dependencies and build system are handled by Maven. Just clone this git repo and run

mvn clean package

To build the plugin. You will find the .jar file in the target/ directory of the git repo.