Generic Discord bot
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Hideko is a general-purpose Discord bot.


Download a prebuilt JAR file or build it from source, then run it with:

java -jar HidekoBot.jar [additional parameters]

Where HidekoBot.jar is the executable archive and [additional parameters] are arguments that you can add to make the bot change its behavior.

Additionally available parameters are:

  • verbose: log every message that the bot receives, plus additional debugging messages. Very spammy and performance heavy.
  • refresh: force refresh the bot's commands.

Note: Java 16 or later is required.

Initial setup

Run the startup command once. The bot will generate a config.yml file in the directory you were when you ran it.

Edit the configuration file and set all values according to your needs.

Save the file and start the bot again. If there are no issues, everything will load and it will print an invite-link in your console. Click on the link to add your bot to any server with the correct permissions already set-up.